Money Master The Game Ray Dalio – A Look At The Principles That Can Change Your Life

Financial freedom is very important for each and every one of you as it helps you to take your own decisions and have enough in the pocket to make up for your needs without actually having to persuade anyone to help you with the money. There are several writings on how to be financially independent and money master the game ray dalio is one of the most inspirational one that helps you with several methods and techniques that will help you to make up for all your financial needs by yourself.

The book will help you to know more about the things which affect the financial needs and also the ways in which measurement of money is being affected. You all know that money has had different values in different eras and inflation is one of the main reasons that affect the value of money. The book is basically a blue print to make money by the easiest of means that helps to avoid your dependence on others as far as financial matters are concerned. The book contains the strategies that were developed by ray dalio who is the founder of the Bridgewater Associates which is one of the leading investment companies of not only USA but across the globe. He is also very fondly known as the investment guru across the globe and in the book money master the game ray dalio, tony Robbins has tried to make sure that he has incorporated all the ideas of the great man. Tony robins is no mean man himself as he has inspired and coached as many as 50 million youngsters across the globe with his inspiring writings and live events that has helped you guys to make sure that you have got some ways and means to achieve financial freedom.

To help you further with the money making principles that ray dalio has practiced and taught everyone, here are some brief looks at them:

  • The first and foremost thing that will help you to excel in any facet of life is the truth and you must be truthful to yourself before you are looking to be truthful to others. Especially, when you are starting a business, the importance of truth is even more as you may be able to win over some of the clients with your lies but in the long run, it is definitely going to hurt you and you will definitely suffer the consequences.
  • The second and probably the most important principal by ray dalio which will help you to lead a more successful life is finding a great combination between the reality and dreams. He has advocated for a good mix of reality and dreams so that you can fulfill your dreams and turn them into reality. In addition to this, the most important thing that will help you to convert your dreams into the reality is the determination which helps you to make your life successful and happy at the same time. Success is getting what you want to get that is your dream and it is only determination that can propel you to success.
  • Next, you must be having a very strong will power which will help you to convert the barriers and stones into the milestones. He has defined in the simplest of manner and has laid a very simple, good and bad method to make sure that you understand how to manage different things in your life. It is always a bad decision to let pain and problems block your path in fulfilling your dreams and a good way to be successful is to learn how to manage these problems that you have in your life. He has also said that these problems always act as a catalyst to bring out the best of your character and if you are positive about them, you will definitely learn from them and get better in your life. It has also been said by ray dalio that your success is always the reflection of your pain which is why it has been described as one of the most vital ingredients of your success.
  • Next, ray dalio has insisted upon the fact that your appearance holds no importance than your crave for achieving the goal. He has remarked that it is always more important to focus on your goals than the way you are looking in front of the goal. Most of you guys get affected by the lusts of life and start focusing more on the way you look which acts as a deviation which makes you go off your path to success. In the book, money master the game ray dalio, this principle is highlighted and given special importance to help you in making sure that you are not perturbed by anything when you are chasing your goals.
  • Next important thing which is highlighted by the great ray dalio is the fact that you shall always have back-up plans for your activities. Most of you just work on any facet considering only one consequence which is never a smart thing especially for a business. As a business person, you shall always analyze Plan A, Plan B and Plan C if the consequence of your decision is not exactly the same as you would have planned. This always helps you to be ready against different types of situations and make sure that you get the right result for your efforts.
  • One of the very bad habits that most of you have is that you don’t hold yourself responsible for losses, which is why you are not able to work on them. You always try to put the blame on someone or the conditions that are persisting for the loss. A smart thing is to hold yourself responsible for the results and make sure you act in a wise manner to improve the things and make changes in your strategy so that you get the best results for your efforts.

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